fredag den 14. juni 2013

More experiments and embroidery

I love stuff that I can make some embroidery on and as I can paint on for making my own backgrounds for the embroiderys.
Here I have used Viledon, felt and Tyvek.

tirsdag den 11. juni 2013

A necklace more

I love experiments

This is a little experiment with Tyvek as I got from my dear friend Dorthe.
I have made some machineembroidry and handembroidery on a piece of felt - I just love the texture the Tyvek makes!!

mandag den 10. juni 2013

A tiny pendant

I have embroidered the little pendant on a litle piece of needelfelt.

A lovely tuesday to everyone!!

A bracelet

It should match my necklace with small embroiderys and freshwater-pearls - a little piece of romance:

lørdag den 8. juni 2013

The finished necklace

I just love the silkribbon - the rose is also made of the silkribbon. The perls are  - in Denmark we call them freshwater-perls.

A little pendant to my necklace

I´m working on a necklace (my little daisy-charm is also for this necklace.)
It is fun to make those small embroiderys!!

A lovely saturday to everyone!!

mandag den 3. juni 2013


I got a lovely tip from my dear friend Dorthe Hansen - dyeing with avocado. Look it just gives this wonderful rose colour:

søndag den 2. juni 2013

A little Daisy...en lille Bellis

Måtte brodere en lille Bellis, de står foran min værkstedsdør i to krukker:

My first box

I got some beautiful boxes from my dear friend Dorthe Hansen and here is my first try:

A happy sunday to everyone!!