onsdag den 29. maj 2013

A little collage

I have used the Gelli Plate, print, copi and modelling paste - should have used a better piece of paper then it wouldn´t crumble.

A heart

This heart is made with the Gelli plate, some printing, painting and embroidery. Insite there is "Sachet Parfumé Rose" from my dear friend Dorthe.

mandag den 27. maj 2013

A hopeless piece of felt...

For a few days ago I made a hopeless piece of felt but instead of throwing it away I decidet to try making it usefull and decidet first to make something with small pieces of the feltarea.
Here You can see the front and the back

 Inside - with different pockets:

 Here filled with some stuff:

fredag den 24. maj 2013

A little notebook

I love working with the Gelli Plate - here I have made a piece that I have made machineembroidery all over, cut to pieces and then made some more embroidery on.

onsdag den 22. maj 2013

A key....

Sometimes you need a little push …I had just a piece of yarn in my key for the car – but a dear friend gave me a lovely push to make something better – and here it is:


One of my first prints with the Gelli Plate has been a embroiderybag - in two ways - embroidery on the print and a bag for my embroideryworks.

My first printing with the Gelli Plate

My dear friend, Dorthe - Lille Lade, have introduced me to the Gelli Plate - and here is one of my first print:
And here is the collage I made of the print:

I love working with fabric, so therefore I have made some printing on fabric - and then, obviously, I will make some embroderi on the print:)

I wish all a good and creative wedensday!

søndag den 19. maj 2013

Beautiful gift from a dear friend!

A few days ago I got this beautiful gift - gorgeous earrings and a hole box of goodies and the most wonderful collages - Thankyou so much dear Dorthe. I have been carrying the earrings every day since:)

A little collage

I´m not often working with paper but I had to try working with modelingpaste on stencil - that´s fun!!

fredag den 17. maj 2013

Finish with my embroiderybook

I have only used those stitches in my book that I use most. The red piece on the first site is a little piece with all the stitches that are in the book. The "manillas" have name on the stitches on the back site.

onsdag den 15. maj 2013

A book with embroiderystitches

Inspired by Beryl Taylors wonderful book "Mixed Media explorations" I have decidet to make a embroidery book with those stitches that I use a lot.
The frontpage is an old book where I have made some stamps and embroidery - actually on wet wipe....crazy I know:)
The indsite I have decided to make simpel - maybe I regret it but now I try...The idea is to let the embroidery be in focus like a dictionary. The coloured pices is my own felt witch I have painted.

søndag den 12. maj 2013

fredag den 10. maj 2013

Wild Tullips

On our way home from Julland this morning I found those wild tulips and dryed them in my microfleur - they are so beautiful and keep the colour very good.

onsdag den 8. maj 2013

In Denmark we call them "Pearlhyacinth"

Yesterday I dryed some "Pearl-hyacinth" in my microfleur and look how beautiful they made this print on the fabric (made of cotton so I easily made some new ones) inside the microfleur - I just had to make that beautiful print into embroidery:

tirsdag den 7. maj 2013

Bookmark with fish scale and embroidery on paintet wool.

Here I have been painting with Neocolor II on wet wool and when dryed made some embroidery.
The tree "glasses" is fish scale I have made embroidery around.

mandag den 6. maj 2013

Pressed flowers

Yesterday I got this fantastic microfleur.

Now I can press flowers in the micro in few seconds - here are some of my first try.

søndag den 5. maj 2013

Broche med bl.a. vådserviet;)

I går legede jeg med at male, tegne og trykke på alt muligt bl.a. min uld, men også på vådserviet - denne broche er malet på vådserviet, monteret på uld og læder. sjovt at lege med!