onsdag den 15. maj 2013

A book with embroiderystitches

Inspired by Beryl Taylors wonderful book "Mixed Media explorations" I have decidet to make a embroidery book with those stitches that I use a lot.
The frontpage is an old book where I have made some stamps and embroidery - actually on wet wipe....crazy I know:)
The indsite I have decided to make simpel - maybe I regret it but now I try...The idea is to let the embroidery be in focus like a dictionary. The coloured pices is my own felt witch I have painted.

1 kommentar:

  1. How beautiful, dear Bettina,
    I love the handle on the front :-) and your painted felt looks wonderful, with your embroidery stitches -so sweet!!
    The tag idea is great, and I love the cut out book front, giving place to your gorgeous embroidered våd serviet!!
    Sov godt, -glæder mig til vi ses imorgen!!