torsdag den 7. november 2013

Books for needles

I have made some small books in my own felt. The books are for needles.
Wish you all a lovely day!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Dear Bettina
    Such a beautiful creation and I love that it is practical as pins and needles can be naughty, making an escaping an ending on the floor or cushions!
    How wonderful that you created them from your own felt.
    Thank you so much for your visit to my Blog.

  2. Hello my dear,
    they are truly beautiful, Bettina, and so wonderful with your embroidery.
    Smukke og fint lavede, kære- og sød brug af knapperne !!
    KNUS fra Dorthe

  3. Dear Bettina your needle books are so beautifully made, love they are made of felt and with lovely embroidery, håber du må få en dejlig kreativ uge med en masse ny inspiration.
    Knus Anni

  4. Your books are so beautiful, dear Bettina! Hugs, Viola

  5. Oh I love your needle books Bettina - they will make such pretty gifts at Christmas time.